Remote desktop support

From Sept 2013, as part of our web hosting technical support improvements, we have now started offering IT support via remote desktop, for ANY IT issue, not just for your web hosting.

We can and will help you with any IT issues you may have at all, by remote desktop connection, skype or telephone.

Support offered.
1 free hour of remote desktop/skype shared desktop support, per year, for every slice of hosting you have with us. We can help you install a new antivirus program, get rid of viruses, update windows operating systems, service your computer remotely to speed things up if your computer is running slow, show you how to manage email applications, web browsers, FTP applications, windows features and many many more... Almost any IT issue at all.

So, if you have 1 slice of hosting, that's 1-hour per year, 2 slices gets you 2 hours per year and so on...

What's not covered.
1. Supporting other domain/web hosting company's services.
2. Paid software for which you do not have a licence or have not paid for. (Pirate software)
3. Rolling over unused hours.

To qualify.
1. Your web hosting must be pre-paid for annually.
2. The matching domain must be registered with us.

Availability hours.
Remote desktop I.T support will be available daily from 3pm onwards.
To use the remote desktop support service, you can either telephone to make an appointment or drop us a support ticket.

Additional hours.
If you would like more than 1hr, or your initial hour runs out, you have the option to extend it for only £25 p/hr.

If you have any questions about our remote desktop IT support services for shared hosting customers then please do give us a call anytime and ask :-)

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