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Payment Provider Update

Changes to our card payment system On August 1st, 2023, we switched our card processing over to Stripe. From October 1st, 2023, we will be using Stripe to process your card payments. Do I need to do anything? Yes. You must update your card details anytime between now and your next due invoice. If you get an email from us to let you know that ... Read More

30th Aug 2023

Data Centre Relocation

Genuine Environmentally Friendly Hosting! Since 2000, WESH UK has been an exceptionally environmentally focused local web hosting company, doing everything possible to avoid wasting fossil fuels or even using them when unnecessary. All of our staff work from home and always have, we don't rent expensive offices that need to be heated and ... Read More

6th Mar 2023

Client Area Refresh

Your Client area has had a makeover, and some features have been improved. Since we implemented our current client area back in 2007, a common complaint was that when replying to support tickets, clients hate having to scroll to the bottom of a support ticket to reply to a message you cannot see anymore because it's at the top. This is an ... Read More

20th Feb 2023

Domain Name Price increases

Unfortunately, there are some upcoming price changes to the Domain Names we sell. All of the domain names we provide are supported by various backend registries such as Verisign, Identity Digital and CentralNIC. Over the summer, these registries increased their pricing across more than 200 TLDs. This impacts the price all registrars must pay to ... Read More

7th Oct 2022
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