Termination of Direct Debit Payments

  • 26th August 2022
Unfortunately, taking payments by Direct Debit is proving to be very problematic. This is due to the extremely slow payment settlements provided by GoCardless, and their unacceptable levels of support with the faults in their systems. Now that the problems with card payments have been corrected and clients' banks are now using the new Stong ...
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Paying by Debit or Credit Card

  • 1st April 2022
It seems many have missed the announcement and email we sent out on March 18th regarding card payments. If you have switched over to Direct Debit Payments you can completely ignore this announcement. Immediate Updates to Card Payments Needed As the deadline for Strong Customer Authentication has passed (March 14th 2022), our software ...
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New Direct Debit Payment Option

  • 4th February 2022
New Direct Debit payments I'm sure you are all aware that companies all over the place are now raising their prices dramatically, far above inflation rates. We don't know about you, but this cash-grabbing greed is something we find unacceptable and only favours shareholders. Technology is meant to make life easier and bring costs down, not ...
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PHP V8.1 on All Shared Servers

  • 10th January 2022

As of today, PHP v8.1 is now available on all shared and reseller servers.

If you are using our Web Site Maintenance Services then you do NOT need to worry about this as we will upgrade your websites when ready and fully compatible, after testing.

If you need any help or assistance with upgrading then please do let us know.

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