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If you're not sure what category to select when opening a new helpdesk ticket then let us take a moment to explain them and what each category is for.

Accounts & Billing:
All issues and problems relating to invoices, account upgrades, cancellations, account ownership transfers, problems with our billing system, all payments/refunds and generally anything that involves money and payments or anything at all that happens in your client area.

cPanel Web Hosting
If you have any general day to day problems, questions or queries about your web hosting services then select this category for your ticket. You will be askedto select which of your web hosting plans the ticket relates to, so please ensure you select the correct hosting plan.

If you select nothing then we may need to first ask you which plan you are referring to.

Domain names:
Issues and problems relating to domain names such as WHOIS updates, Domain transfers / Domain renewals, DNS problems with a domain name or any other problems relating just to your domain name (Not web hosting accounts)

General feedback & ideas
If you have any useful ideas or suggestions on how we do things and would like to send us your ideas, requests or feedback then we would love to hear from you and hear your input.

We're here for you after all, so anything that helps you, we want to hear it.

Search Engine Optimisation
This category is for customers requesting our SEO services and/or need help with SEO work for their own websites.

When you open a ticket for this category, you should provide as much information as possible about your requirements, we will then get back to you either to request more specific information, or with an estimate for the work requested for your approval so that once approved, we shall raise an invoice for you that has been agreed in writing online by both parties and once settled, all updates on the requested work shall then be posted back to your ticket for you to view anytime.

This prevents emails getting lost and ensures that all information is handled accurately and in a timely manner for both parties.

Website Development
If you require website development / Website design work for your website from us, you need to raise a ticket for this category. This will enable us to keep your request organised, provide an estimate for you online for you to evaluate/approve and for both parties to be kept up-to-date on the progress and status of each request.

We DO NOT and can NOT accept website design / development or Search Engine Optimisation requests by email as these often seem to get lost/mislaid by clients or end up with the wrong person, or we often find that more than 1 person is involved with the required work, so this prevents ANY confusion as to what is required and what has been done, and who authorise's/accepts estimates, saving weeks of lost time for clients and us.

If your organisation has more than 1 person who will need to use our helpdesk then please ask us to setup a "Group" for your company within our helpdesk so that all members of your company can interact with tickets on our helpdesk and tell us who that group manager will be. A group manager will remain as the account holder and can also manage helpdesk tickets raised by other staff members of your organisation.


Our website does have a "Contact us" section where we also have a contact form, but this is NOT for existing customers to request help or ask detailed account questions because we have no way of validating the actual account holder has filled in the form. This is ONLY a pre-sales form for customers who do NOT have an account with us and should not be used by existing customers.

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