Our backup policy

Off-site backups...

Our backups are kept on CDP disaster recovery servers in a different data centre to the main web servers.

Our servers backup every web hosting account on each server, all databases, email configurations and all files in every customer's account.

All servers and websites / MySQL databases are backed up every 12 hours (Twice a day) and all backups are held for 5 days, with 1 weekly and 1 monthly being available.

This gives you a maximum of 12 restore points to restore from if needed.

Every customer has full access to their own backups directly through the R1Soft icon found in Cpanel, and should you need individual database tables restored, please raise a support ticket with us detailing the server name, database name and any table names that need restoring.

Please keep in mind that off-site backups are included for all shared and reseller hosting accounts but are optional extras for dedicated server customers due to the backup software being licenced "per-server".

Self made backups...

As well our off-site backups, there is also the Cpanel backup facility which allows you to download a complete backup of your /home directory or just backup your databases.

You can restore individual databases that you have backed up too, and to minimise problems, you really should grab a database backup directly from within Cpanel before commencing any work on your database's so that if need be, you wont need to roll back almost 12 hours.

We would strongly advise you to have your own backup policy where you backup your computers documents, settings and all files.

Windows 10 and Windows 11 have a much improved "Backup" function.

If you are working on your website database, or carrying out website updates:

"Make a backup first" via Cpanel.

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