I get a lot of spam, what can I do?

If you are starting to receive more and more spam to your website email addresses then there may be several things you can do to prevent it.

Q1. Do you have your email address readily available on your website?
SPAM robots can pick your email address from your web pages!

Q2. Have you sent an email to somebody who has a virus on there PC?
Many PC Viruses are used to send SPAM and more viruses.

Q3. Did you sign-up for a newsletter and have forgotten all about it?
Some newsletters may only be sent out every 6 months!

If you still feel that the emails you are getting really are spam then you can either look at the email headers to see who it is coming from and report them to the senders internet provider, or use a tool such as SPAMCOP which will in most cases do the job for you.

Another obvious way of receiving spam is just to setup default email addresses such as "info@" or "sales@" as these are the most common, a lot of spammers will just send SPAM to those random addresses in the chance that most will get through.

If you want to put a stop to a lot of spam, instantly, you can login to your web site control panel (cpanel) and switch on the spam-assasin from the mail section and with its default scoring of 5, it will start to label spam as spam, and if your happy that its catching all your spam and re-labelling it correctly, you can then switch on the auto-delete of all spam emails to permanently get rid of them.

If spam-assasin is not labelling all spam, and is missing some, then simply change the spam scoring to a lower number to make it more aggressive. If your not entirely sure what your doing with it, give us a call so we can guide you through it.

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