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Those who use AOL as an ISP will be aware that they have their own email application integrated into the AOL software which includes a 'Report As Spam' feature.

Due to the poor way in which their software examines emails reported as spam we ask that clients who use email forwarding on their domain to an email address, DO NOT USE the 'Report as Spam' feature for any spam they receive into AOL.

This is because the AOL system determines that our server sent the spam when all our server did was receive the email from the spam sending server and forward it to the client AOL address as per the forwarding settings for your account that you specified.

It's very possible that if all these forwarded emails are reported as spam, AOL will blacklist our server (their system cannot recognise that all our server did was forward, not send the spam) which causes major problems. For this reason, we reserve the right to remove forwarders to AOL addresses setup on our servers "At any time" or if any clustomer continues to report the forwarded emails as spam.

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