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My emails are not getting through to address's?

This is due to a new feature put in by AOL to reduce spam.
There filtering method is very over sensative and if you are sending emails from your own website but using for example BTopenworld as your ISP then AOL seems to think that you must be relaying spam to AOL users.
What they are also doing is rejecting any email that is addressed to more than a certain number of AOL members. If you only have 1 or two AOL subscribers it will not be a problem but if you have say 10 then AOL will reject your email with the following error:

reason: 552 Too many recipients

We are not certain what the exact limit is and any previous attempts to contact AOL to ask normally results in a 30 to 45 minute wait to end up speaking to the poeple in the indian call centres that dont know either.
Another reason they block email is from servers that do not have reverse DNS setup but ALL WESH UK servers have reverse DNS setup.
To get the best service we always recommend using BT Broadband.

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