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I'm having a problem sending emails to hotmail addresses. I've looked online and hotmail implement SenderID, which checks to see if the mail was sent from the correct domain and ip through checking the SPF record for the domain. Currently all my emails are being dropped by hotmail and the solution according to MS is to add a SPF record to my DNS information.

Once the spf record has been added to the dns record SenderID should stop blocking messages from my domain. Does that make sense to you, and sound like an appropriate solution?

Are there any other reasons for hotmail blocking emails?


Hotmail is detecting that you are trying to send email from your own domain but your ISP is blocking outgoing mail relay meaning that you can send the emails but they will never arrive. Change your outgoing mailserver address to your internet service providers outgoing mailserver. You will be able to obtain this from your internet providers support department.

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