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Email Forwarding can be extremely useful to distribute emails between colleagues or to have a group incoming email address, however, there is no filter at all on outgoing email forwarding.

Everything that comes into an email address will be forwarded on, regardless of what it is.

If a spammer decides to send you 1 million spam emails in an attempted denial of service attack, these will also get forwarded on.

External email providers have absolutely no way of being able to tell the difference between an email that was genuinely sent from your account or one that was forwarded on.

For this reason, we do NOT allow any customer to forward any email automatically to external email providers under any circumstances.

You need to set your external email clients to retrieve your emails directly from our servers.

Should we find any email forwarding in place that sends your emails to external providers automatically, we will remove them without warning.

Should any of your forwarded emails get our servers blacklisted, we reserve the right to bill you for the de-listing and any server cleanup required should you fill-up the servers outgoing email queue with spam.

Typical de-listing fee's average at approx 85euro

The server cleanup fee is £50 +vat.

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