Email sending limits (cPanel Hosting)

Email sending limits and why it protects you!

Here at WESH UK, we firmly believe in "Protect now, explain later"...

Preventing problems, then having the time to explain the reasons, is far more pleasant than having to struggle to even communicate with you at all if battling to fix the things customers do that often cause big problems.

In order for us to protect you, us, and other customers, we have in place a system where we restrict ALL outgoing email you send, per-hour to an initial "20 emails per hour" limit. This is simply a basic restriction in place on all new accounts, and is based on the fact that 90% of customers dont send half of this amount per-hour, so this is extremely generous.


Like we said, this is simply a base starting point that everybody is allocated from day 1, but should you need to be able to send more, you should firstly look at the possibility of spreading out your mail sending over a few hours. So if you need to blast out a few houndred emails, then over several hours, they will all be sent out, and no bumps in server usage will occur. If you need to send out more than this, then please do ask us and we will increase it for you, free of charge once we have had a chat about your planned usage and have established a level of trust.

We can increase it to several levels of 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 per-hour, based on you agreeing to and guaranteeing to stick to the guidelines we set out in operating mailing lists, and the blacklisting awareness and compensation.

If you need to send more than 250 per-hour then it might be time for you to look at something like mailchimp.

We already have a great article on how to operate a mailing list, so please do be aware of this before contacting us, but if your usage is simply higher volumes of normal usage, then please do ask and we will increase the limit for you. (Totally based on individual account factors).

Why is email sending limited?

Protection. Simple as that. Nobody wants to be on a blacklisted server when trying to send out emails, only to have them bouncing, nor does anybody want to be on a server that is being abused by others sending mass-mailing lists over and over.

So, by limiting the sending, this does several things which happen regularly

  • Catches websites that have been hacked and that are trying to be used to send out spam.
  • Catches out customers trying to send bulk mail who havent got a clue about mailing lists and have not followed the basics, nor good practice.

These 2 single things happen VERY often, mostly customers trying to send out thousands of emails because "I didnt know, nobody told me"... lol We have even found a few customers who purchased mailing lists from eBay of all places! These are a huge NO-NO!

What happens if I hit the limit?

Simple, any further emails you send, will bounce back to you, and will not even be sent at all, but you will also see this in the error message as the reason for it not being sent.

How do I increase this limit?

Simple, just raise a support ticket, [cPanel web hosting] confirming that you have read and understood this knowledgebase article and let us know. So long as your not operating some mass-bulk-mailing service, and its obvious that your usage is fair, then we will increase it for you permanently :-)

Blacklisting awareness and compensation!

It is the sole responsibility of the cPanel account holder to ensure you MUST understand anti-spam laws, have read and understood our guidelines above on operating mailing lists and guarantee to keep every peice of software related to your account with us, up-to-date and secure.

This includes your actual website and your own computer and all of its software.

You also agree that if your website is found to be the cause of ANY spam outbreak and/or our server being blacklisted, you will compensate us via invoice, within 7 days of incident, the sum of £85+vat per blacklist.

So, we hope this explains what is in place, the reasons for it, and how to deal with it if you encounter problems. Without limits in place, things get very unstable, and you would leave yourself wide open to abuse or unwitting penalties for not knowing what your doing.

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