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We sometimes get asked what is the correct way to use support tickets and "How I do respond to a support ticket" so lets take a moment to clarify exactly how to open a new support ticket and our simple procedure for replying to a support ticket.

So, you have a problem that you need help with, but you might not want to telephone us if the problem is very complex or involves lots of URL's, logins, error messages or even screenshots of what you see because trying to explain these things over the phone is just a nightmare when we cant see what you see, so you want to make an official logged written request for help.

Opening a new support ticket:

To open a new support ticket, all you need to do is visit our customer services client area and login with your accounting email address and password. (As a reminder, please dont ever give out these details to anybody at all, not even your web designer if you have hired one)

Once logged in, you will be presented with a screen showing all current open support tickets and any outstanding invoices, which most of the time should be empty, but beside the empty list of current support tickets is your link to open a new support ticket labelled as "Submit ticket"

You can either click this link from the main customer services logged in screen or you can click on "My support > Submit ticket" or the submit ticket link is also on the right hand navigation at all times while logged in, just to make sure you dont loose it.

Replying to a support ticket:

Now, this part is important, yet extremely simple, and all we ask is that when you open a support ticket, our replies to your ticket are sent to you by email as a courtesy, to let you know that firstly, we have replied and secondly, what our reply was should you need to go and test anything.

Please do NOT reply to these "notifications" because we can never gaurantee where your emails go or the reliability of your chosen email provider outside of our network, and if your email address is the one hosted by us and you have raised a ticket to tell us you have locked yourself out of your mailbox, then you will never be able to reply.

So, when you receive our reply notification, you will see within the email there is a section giving the current ticket status, ticket number and a unique link you can click on to reply to the ticket directly on our website.

Simply click on the URL link in the email to go straight back to the ticket, directly on our website so that you can post your reply to the ticket online where we can be guaranteed to receive your update and that no other software or email applications have interefered with your message.

Doing this also ensures that your information is being submitted securely in an encrpyted manner making it safe for you to submit personal or private info to us knowing it is coming directly to us and nowhere else.


To summarise, all customers are asked strictly to only open and reply to support tickets directly on our website only, NEVER by unsecure email.

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