Setting up email in Microsoft Outlook

How to setup your email accounts.

Step 1:
Start Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003/2007, then from the tools menu at the top of the screen, click "Email Accounts" or "accounts".

Step 2:
In the email Accounts dialog box, click Add a new email account and then click next and select POP3 from the list of server types, Now Click Next again.

Step 3:
In the "Your Name" box, type the name that you want others to see when you send a message, and then type in your email address in the box directly underneath this.

Step 4:
In the Logon Information box, type the full e-mail address for your mailbox that you are using and this mailbox password.

Step 5:
Under Server Information, type the names of your incoming and outgoing e-mail servers which are:
POP3 =

IMPORTANT: Replace with your actual domain name

Step 6:
Username: Your full email address
Password: Whatever you have set it up to be within cPanel.

Ensure Log on using Secure Password Authentication is *NOT* checked

Not all Internet providors will allow you to relay your outgoing mail through your web hosting account and you may get error messages when trying to send email or your mail simply will not leave your outbox.

To resolve this you should change your SMTP server to the outgoing mail server of your internet provider or call your internet service provider and ask to remove your block on outgoing mail relay.

Step 7:

Click on "More Settings" and type in a friendly name for your email account that you want to use, to refer to it.
(Using the actual email address is good)

You can then enter your Organization name and Reply Address below. Select the Outgoing Server tab and Make sure: "Outgoing Mail Server Requires Authentication" *IS* checked then click OK, then Next, then Finish.

If you want your email to remain on the server you should select the advanced tab and place a tick in the Leave a copy on the server box.Dont forget to empty your mailbox on the server regularly otherwise your email will stop working when your mailbox fills up.

Step 8:
Click Finish, pat yourself on the back, then go grab a cup of tea before you sit down and start writing to all your long lost friends.

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