I forgot my email account password

All email accounts you create require their own individual passwords.

It is highly recommended that when setting up an email accoun thtat you DO NOT use your Cpanel password for any of your email accounts.

If you cannot remember the password for one of your email accounts you can simply follow these easy steps to reset your email account password.

  • Log into your website control panel.
  • Click on the email accounts icon.
  • Then click on change password for the account needed.

You do not need to know your original email account password to do this. If you have lost your control panel password then please login to your billing account first, then go to "My hosting packages" and view the details of the account you have lost the control panel password for and you will see it displayed, alongside the "Login to cpanel" button.

If you have also changed your cpanel password directly in Cpanel, and NOT from your billing account management, then you will need to submit a helpdesk ticket to tell us and we will reset your main control panel password.

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