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I am adapting a PERL script to fit my website, and I need a 'path to the Date command' to generate a date.

The script uses these: $date_command = "/usr/bin/datetime"; # Get the Date for Entry $date = `$date_command +"%A, %B %d, %Y at %T (%Z)"`; chop($date); $shortdate = `$date_command +"%D %T %Z"`; chop($shortdate);

What should I use for the date_command as I have no PERL experience.

If you are looking for PERL commands then firstly, you can see which PERL modules are installed on your server by clicking on the "Installed Perl Modules" => click to view link from within Cpanel.

You can also find bundles of info in google simply by searching for things like "linux perl date_command" Also, the path to PERL may also need adjusting but the path to PERL is also listed on the front page of your Cpanel under "Information" down the left hand side.

The current path to perl is "usr/bin/perl" and for the date command you may want to try: $date_command = "/bin/date";

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