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If you wish to use .mp3 files within your website then please read this carefully as we do check EVERY account regularly.

If you own the copyright or have written permission from the copyright holder then we don't have a problem with our customers using mp3 files on their websites and that's fine.

If you do not, then any sample (no matter how long) is still in breach of copyright and therefore an illegal act under UK law.

We strongly advise you not to upload such files, as the music industry does make use of spiders which can crawl the web/p2p for music files and match them against their playlists.

It can match harmonics in the file with that of their copyrighted music, so it doesn't matter what you name the file. Google is using similar technology on a new search facility for video and music.

If Illegal MP3's are uploaded and we are notified of this, we will terminate the site immediately.

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