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Naming your Website Homepage.

Is there a certain name I need to give to my Home Page?

You need to make sure the file that you want to be your home page is named using one of the following names.
“index.php” / “index.htm” / “index.html” / “index.shtml”
"home.php" / "home.htm" / "home.html" / "home.shtml"
“default.php” / “default.htm” / “default.html” / “default.shtml”
It is very important that you use all lowercase letters or your site will not be visible. The most common mistake is using a capital “I” as the first letter.

You can label the Home Page link in your navigation bar “Home” or anything else you wish, but the actual file name for that page MUST be named using any of the above to work properly.

Please also be aware that "index.html" will take priority over "index.php" so if you upload 2 index files of .html and .php, the .html page will always be the visible page.

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