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Question from many customers:

Can you advise what will happen if my bandwidth / traffic limit is exceeded? Does the site shut down immediately?"


As you get closer and closer to your monthly bandwidth lmit you will find that your hosting account will email you at increasing frequencies to warn you of the approaching limit and once you do reach the limit, your website will be suspended and will display a message that reads "Bandwidth limit exceeded"

You can avoid this simply by upgrading your account prior to reaching the limit or once your account has been suspended, upgrading will bring it back online instantly.

Some people do ask why we dont simply leave accounts running and then charge for excess and sadly, it always boils back down to the few who abuse this and dont pay for it or who then want to dispute their usage for as long as possible to avoid any extra charges for extra usage, so ensuring that people have to pay for what they use in advance completely rules out any possability of server bandwidth being abused and our good nature again being taken advantage of.

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