Lost all my passwords

This article will help you if you have lost all of your login passwords or login details and URL's.

We have designed our processes to allow you to easily back-track and regain access to all of your details.

Firstly, please let us say that it is critically important that you never use a client area email address that matches the domain name you are hosting with us, otherwise you will never be able to back-track and recover any of your details.

So, in reverse order, here's what you do.

Problem #1: Lost your Client area login details

If you have lost your login details to your client area, and can't login to view or pay invoices or raise support tickets, then all you need to do is go to the WESH UK client area login page and click on Request a password reminder

Enter the email address that you receive our emails and our system will send you an "authorisation to reset password" email that contains a link you must click on to authorise the change of password.

Once you click on this link, our system will reset your password to a new one and email it to you.

It's important that you do wait for the password reminder to come through because every time you use the password reminder, your login password is reset to a different password, so please await the first password reminder, then you should be able to log in and access your account.

Critical info:

Your client area login details are CRITICAL to the operation of all services you have with us, so if you lose these details or are unable to reset them or access the email address you have on file with us, you need to do the following:

Go to our contact us page and fill in our contact form providing the following details:

  1. Your name
  2. Postcode
  3. Landline number you have on file
  4. The email address you have on file
  5. A working email address you want it changed to
  6. The last 4 digits of the card you have on file
  7. The amount of your last invoice.

If you do not provide all of these details, we will not be able to update your account email address, as we absolutely must be able to prove, beyond doubt, that it is the actual account holder that is requesting the email address update.

Problem #2: Lost your CPanel login details:

If you cannot find your Cpanel login details or have forgotten them, then all you need to do is log in to your client area and go to "My services" then click on the icon for "View details" beside the hosting account you need your Cpanel login details for.

When viewing the hosting account Cpanel login details you will also find a button enabling you to log in directly into Cpanel for convenience.

Alternatively, click your name in the top right-hand corner then "Email Archive" and find the email we originally sent you titled "Hosting account details" and simply pick up your full account details from that email or print it out for safekeeping.

If you are unable to access your client area to recover and note your Cpanel details then please refer to step 1 above.

Problem #3: Lost your email password(s)

If you find that you have lost your email address mailbox password, don't panic, it's very easy to reset it.

Log in to your CPanel control panel, go to "email addresses" and in the list of mailboxes you have set up, click on "Manage" beside the mailbox you would like to change and then type your new password into the "New Password" box, scroll down then update email settings".

If you have problems logging into your CPanel, please see step 2 above.

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