I Cant sign in to FTP

I am having trouble logging into FTP with internet explorer. Can you tell me why ftp://cpanelusername@domainname.net doesnt work?

In explorer 6 all you need to enter is ftp.domainname.net This will then give you the ftp welcome message (READ IT THEN ACKNOWLEDGE IT) so you right click the blank screen and select login as and enter your cpanel username and password.

ftp://cpanelusername@domainname.net wont work because its not a proper URL Its an email address with ftp slapped on the front.

If your using IE7 (Internet Explorer 7) then you need to login slightly differently, please see our FTP article on FTP with internet explorer

If you are having problems logging into your hosting account with any other application via FTP, please first check that your DNS is configured correctly and/or that your nameservers are also pointing at our DNS cluster and have had time to "propogate fully" (Up to 3 days max) and that your account has NOT been suspended for non-payment as these are the 2 most common reasons why customers cannot login to hosting accounts.

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