How do I transfer files to my web site

To transfer your web site files to your hosting account you will need an FTP program, we recommend a program called CuteFTP for Windows PC or RBrowser for a MAC.

You will be given access to your website via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) which will also work for Microsoft FrontPage. With FTP access, you will need to upload your files via this protocol. Dreamweaver has FTP built into it so that you can upload your pages directly to your "public_html" folder on our servers.

We would always recommend using the FTP client built into your design software, especially if you are using Microsoft FrontPage.

(MS Frontpage has now been discontinued and is no longer supported.)

Dreamweaver users should use Dreamweaver where possible as a matter of best practice regardless of where you web site is hosted.

(Dreamweaver users may have trouble using a secure connection, so should use FileZilla instead.)

If your website is hosted elsewhere and you are worried about transferring it to WESH UK then simply let us know and we can transfer your website for you including any database's you may have.

You should ensure that your web pages are uploaded to the "public_html/" folder and no other folder, leaving the remaining folders in place.

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