FTP access with Internet Explorer

We do allow FTP connections with internet explorer.

Using FTP with Internet Explorer 6 IE6

If you try to login to your account using internet explorer 6, you will see what looks like an error message but dont be alarmed, its not an error message and if you read it you will see that it is actually our anonymous FTP message in a prompt box.

The message you will see is:
Windows cannot access this folder, make sure you typed the filename correctly and that you have permission to access the folder.

This is followed by our FTP message which says:
220-----------Welcome to Pure-FTPd
220-You are user number x of x allowed
220-Local time is now xx:xx server port xx
220-This is a private system. No anonymous login
(This is the reason for the entire prompt box)

And so on, you get the idea....

Once you see this prompt box, you can be sure that FTP is working perfectly and all you need to do next is click "OK" then right click on the blank window and select "Login as" and enter your FTP username and password found in your welcome email.

This will then log you int your account via FTP through Windows internet explorer.

Using FTP with Internet Explorer 7 IE7

Here's a shortcut for getting an FTP directory listing within IE7:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 7
  2. In the address bar, type the following command:
  3. IE 7 will display a list of files and folders from the FTP domain
  4. To quickly save a file locally, right-click the file and select "Save Target As..."
  5. To manage the remote and locals files more completely, click the 'Page' menu button on the right-hand side of the IE 7 browser window and select the option, "Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer" then right click the new blank window and "Login as"
  6. You can now drag-n-drop the files from remote FTP server to local file system easily

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 has some great enhancements over IE 6; however, with these enhancements comes a loss of some basic and useful functionality. We don't expect Microsoft to rest too long before they update IE 7 with an easier way to FTP - but - for now you have a hack. Enjoy

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