Dear All

This is to give you all official notification that we NO LONGER ACCEPT PAYPAL subscriptions. Paypal have been gradually increasing their fee's to what is now 10% of all payments we receive. On top of this, they are duplicating lots of customers subscription payments leaving us with more work to do by spending a day or two refunding many many overpayments.

We have contacted paypal about this several times in the last 8 weeks only to be be told to refer to their terms and conditions and that there is nothing they can do about their pricing. So, in true like it or lump it fashion, we shall be lumping them for the far superior credit/debit card.

What you need to do now is....

If you currently have a paypal subscription setup, you can cancel it directly @ Once you have cancelled your paypal subscription, please contact us ASAP to have your billing method changed to CCbatch, once done we will let you know so that you can login to our website and update your credit card details.

To summarise:

  • Cancel paypal subscription
  • Contact us to change billing method
  • Login to our website and update your credit/debit card details

If you need any help or advice doing this then just let us know.
Best Wishes, Gabriella Wraith

Saturday, September 2, 2006

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