PHP V8.1 on All Shared Servers

  • 10th January 2022

As of today, PHP v8.1 is now available on all shared and reseller servers.

If you are using our Web Site Maintenance Services then you do NOT need to worry about this as we will upgrade your websites when ready and fully compatible, after testing.

If you need any help or assistance with upgrading then please do let us know.

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Default PHP version changing to v7.4

  • 1st June 2021
Default PHP versions on all servers changing to v7.4 on Friday 4th June 20201 @ 23:00Please ensure that your websites and code are all updated and compatible with PHP v7.4+ You can set your own PHP version directly within cPanel if need be.You can see the PHP lifecycle here: Supported PHP VersionsPlease our email (Mon 1st June 2021) for full ...
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Email disconnected! Re-confirm to fix now!

  • 25th May 2021
If you receive any emails at all to tell you that your email has been disconnected and that you need to "Click here / Click Below" or have a "Re-confirm account" button anywhere, DO NOT click on nor reply to anything in that email. These emails are a scam to try to steal your email account login details. We will never, ever ask you to reconnect ...
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New Account User Management changes

  • 1st December 2020
The problem: As an account owner, you may have employee's or third party professionals helping with your website, who may need to access to support, or your cPanel(s) (Or not) or to be able to pay invoices. If you simply give out your own login details, those people then have access to everything, and we don't know if it's really you or them we ...
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