New Account User Management changes

  • 1st December 2020
The problem: As an account owner, you may have employee's or third party professionals helping with your website, who may need to access to support, or your cPanel(s) (Or not) or to be able to pay invoices. If you simply give out your own login details, those people then have access to everything, and we don't know if it's really you or them we ...
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MySQL v5.7 & MariaDB v10.3

  • 30th November 2020
As initially planned back in April 2019, all shared and reseller servers have now been upgraded. This year we have upgraded all shared servers to MySQL v5.7 with no incidents or broken websites. We have also upgraded all of our reseller servers to MariaDB v10.3. If you experience any issues with your websites now that these upgrades have been ...
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International Domain Name registry changes

  • 3rd September 2020
The problem: Sadly, after more than 15 years as an ENOM Platinum partner, WESH UK can no longer continue with them as a platinum partner due to their excessive charges and total lack of any meaningful support. The Solution: We are parting company with ENOM and forming a new, better partnership for longer-term growth. Starting immediately, and ...
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PHP v7.4 Now available

  • 17th August 2020
Just a note to let you know that PHP v7.4 is now available directly within your cPanel. You can upgrade your website within "cPanel > Manage PHP Versions". When cPanel makes PHP v8 available, we will make it available straight away. If you have any questions or concerns then please do drop us in a support ticket from your client area or give ...
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