Our new billing centre is now live and is called "Customer Services" Everything our customers need can now be found in "Customer Services" section of our website which now deals with all billing and account management.

The following have been implemented/changed:

  • We are now accepting cheques as payment again.
  • Customer email invoices are now sent out with a .pdf attached.
  • All emails sent out to customers are now also kept in your billing too.
  • Customers can add extra authorised contacts to deal with their accounts. 
  • Customers can update/change their DNS from their account management.
  • Manual Credit/Debit card payments are now working again and have been tested.

All customers should now be using the "Customer Services" section of our website for all billing/ordering and to obtain your login details you will need to use the "Request password reminder" facility because all customer passwords have been reset.

Once you have logged in, please ensure that all domain information we hold is correct, and be sure to place your credit/debit card on file with us again to ensure no disruption to service.

Also, as part of this change, we have discovered a large number of invoices that have never been paid, so over the next few months, customers may find that these invoices have now become "Due" and are awaiting payment.

Customer Services :: http://www.wesh.co.uk/customer.services/clientarea.php

All future orders can now also be placed using our new ordering cart allowing multiple purchase's in one swoop instead of having to go through our ordering system over and over again here:

Ordering cart: http://www.wesh.co.uk/customer.services/cart.php

(This announcement has been updated from its original post due to changing the URL/Location of our billing and account management)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

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