Dear All

This is to let you know that based upon the feedback we have received in our recent survey, we have now made system wide changes to our website billing, ordering and technical support and how things work.

We have changed our entire billing from "/myaccount" to "/" and our old helpdesk has now been changed from "/helpdesk" to "/" making both systems into just 1 location and 1 system.

You dont need to worry too much about that though, we have updated all the links on our website so that you can still click on "billing" from any page and reach your billing account as normal and all ordering links have been updated too.

The new correct URL for everything is:

We have also migrated the contents of our old helpdesk into our new customer services area, including our support ticketsknowledgebase, tutorial videos, downloads etc. Please do NOT use our old helpdesk anymore as this is no longer functioning and we will be removing all old ticket history and gadually making these into new knowledgebase articles where appropriate.

Please be aware that we have a new function here too called "Network issues", which, when logged in will show you any network/server issues relating to any servers that you have hosting accounts on.

Please currently keep in mind that the migration is not yet finished as we have some more knowledgebase articles to move across, but if you do see anything out of place, or anything at all that we can improve on or make adjustments too then we truly would like you to open a support ticket and tell us about it.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

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