It has come to our attention that some customers have recently been the target of attempted domain name theft and invoices for services that they have not requested from other companies.

The companies to be VERY aware of are:

The Domain Registry of America

This company sends out invoices to registered domain owners requesting a fee to renew their domain name and payment for the renewal and arrives in very "American" stationary with the American flag/logo on the front of the envelope.

We would advise customers that receive such letters to discard them immediately otherwise you will find yourself signing your domain name over to this company and facing much higher charges for your renewals and in some case's, domain name theft.

Internet Listing Service Corp

This company will send you out what appears to be an invoice but you should be aware that you are under NO OBLIGATION to send them any money. They claim to want to submit your website to 20 major search engines and offer you ranking reports by email but you can gauge there own success buy the simple fact that the only listings for them in google are complaints and forums about domain name scams.

If you do receive any letters in the post about your domain name or asking for money for services you have not ordered then please do feel free to contact us if your not sure.

All .uk domain owners may get a letter from Nominet within 6 months of their domain registration but again, if your not sure what to do then please ask us about it. If you wish to have your domain name registration information witheld or you would like us to put our address as the registered address for you to avoid junk mail and scam attempts then please just ask as we can do this for you FREE.

Thursday, March 2, 2006

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