Dear All

We are currently dealing with a problem where customers are unable to access their website and email and are looking into it currently.

This issue does however only appear to be affecting customers of Demon Internet and it seems to be causing loss of DNS records for anything hosted at the London hosting centre that may be accessed by Deamon customers. (Shame on them for not having a backup)

We are pressuring them to resolve this issue as quickly as possible, and when we know something, we shall advise by updating this announcement again.

In the meantime, if you really do want to open a helpdesk ticket about this issue, please provide us with a screenshot of a "Tracert" directly from your desktop PC, along with your Internet service provider's name.


***UPDATE / 13/12/2007 14:02***

We have been dealing with this issue non-stop with several customers, who are all using Deamon as their ISP and customers are informing us that Deamon have fixed the issue, yet their problems still persist. If you are still having problems accessing your website/email and you are currently using Deamon as your internet provider, please contact them regarding this issue.

No other ISP customers are affected by this, and we are continuing our efforts to resolve this issue as quickly as possible for everybody.

***UPDATE 17/12/2007***

We are still dealing with this problem but have today discovered several more customers facing website and email difficulties who also use Demon as their ISP

***UPDATE - 18/12/2007***

We are now getting reports in from Demon ISP customers that this issue now seems to be resolved and most Demon ISP customers can now fully access their websites and emails again. If this issue is NOT resolved for you, please ensure you raise this with us ASAP.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

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