This announcement includes extremely important information pertaining to our upcoming server software updates. It is critical that all clients take the time to read this announcement in its entirety.

An overview of the updates to be preformed have been listed below. Additional details on each update will be provided later in this announcement.

  • Update to cPanel v11
  • Update to Apache 2.2
  • PHP 5.2.5 configured as the PRIMARY PHP version
  • Update of Eaccelerator
  • Update of Zend Optimizer
  • Update of IonCube
  • Exim ACL updates

Due to the magnitude and potential side effects of these updates, we will be contacting all clients multiple times over the course of the next 2 months with reminders.

The time table and key dates for the scheduled maintenance is planned for February to allow for christmas and the new year to be out of the way before any disruptions may be caused. Located below is more in-depth information specific to each individual update that is to be preformed.

Update to cPanel v11

The update to cPanel and WHM 11 brings an extensive update with upgrades in nearly every section of the control panel. Along with a ton of new features the update brings enhanced security, an improved design and enhanced usability. For more detailed information, release notes or data sheets please see the official cPanel website. (

Update to Apache 2.2

As of now all servers have been utilizing the Apache 1.3 web server and we now ready to make the upgrade to Apache 2.2. Although the update does not include many new features, it does include a new code base which is faster overall.

PHP 5.2.5 configured as the PRIMARY PHP version

We now will be upgrading all of our shared servers to PHP version 5.2.5 as the primary version. I know many have been waiting patiently for this and some have hoped it would never happen; but with PHP announcing the end of official support for PHP4 at the end of this year, its inevitable that all hosting providers (including us) need to upgrade.

To confirm, if any customers are knowingly using scripts/applications that are not compatible with PHP5, please upgrade them soon to save any problems after the PHP5 upgrade. For any home made scripts (and others for that matter) we recommend testing them in PHP5 to check all will work fine after the upgrade. Please see the links below which provide additional detail on PHP5, script migrations, etc:

PHP 4.4.7 configured as the SECONDARY PHP version

During the above work, PHP v4 will be put into place as a secondary install but it must be remembered that this is a temporary measure and must not be relied upon. We do not have a set date for when the secondary PHP4 will be removed but it will no longer be maintained or supported after the PHP5 install so all clients need to do whatever necessary to use PHP5 (in most cases, nothing special is needed).

Update of Eaccelerator Update of Zend Optimizer Update of IonCube.

Eaccelerator is a PHP accelerator, optimizer and dynamic content cache. It increases the performance of PHP scripts by caching them in their compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is almost completely eliminated. Additionally, it also optimizes scripts to speed up their execution times. Along with this software, both Zend Optimizer and IonCube will be updated to the latest stable versions.

Exim ACL updates

Lastly, we will be doing our regular update of spam filters to help combat spam and lower the amount that is received to your inbox.

This upgrade will be performed 1 server at a time, and if anybody has any issues they would like to raise about this upgrade, please do let our helpdesk know about it asap.


We have now started scheduling these upgrades and are emailing customers on a "per server" basis, 2 servers at a time, no more than 2 weeks in advance.

Starting from Monday 18th Feb, we will be upgrading 1 server per week until every server is upgraded and any issues resolved as a result of this (Hence only emailing customers 2 servers at a time, in-case we need to postpone further upgrades)

Thursday, December 13, 2007

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