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Transferring a .org name to us needs to be done in 3 stages as follows:

Notes - Copy your website

If you are transferring your website to us along with your .org domain name then you will need to purchase web hosting with us in advance. When purchasing our web hosting, select hosting only without a domain.
(I will use My Existing Domain and update My Nameservers only.)
We will then activate your account for you and email you all the account details so you can upload your website to our servers, setup all your email accounts, database's, and anything else you wish to transfer in advance.

Stage 1 - Re-point your DNS

Once you have an exact copy of your .org website on our servers, you will need to log-in to your current domain registration company account & change your domain names DNS Name Servers:
If you do not have the access to change your nameservers then simply contact your current support department and request them to change your domans name servers to the ones in your welcome email.
You will also need to ensure your domain is "unlocked" ready for transfer.

Stage 2 - Authorisation EPP Code

Now you must contact your old hosting company and ask them for an authorisation EPP code because .org domains require EPP authorisation in order to place an order for a domain transfer and release a new registrar. Some companies may still need you to fax authorisation to them, If you need help to fill in their forms please let help you with it.
Once you receive your EPP code or confirmation of domain release proceed to stage 3

Stage  - Order the transfer of your domain name

Now all you need to do is place your order for a domain name transfer through our website (Transfer My Existing Domain) by clicking the Order now banner in the top right corner of any page from our web site, and when you reach the final stage of the order simply enter your current login details for our billing system to add the domain to your account.
Within 72 hours you will receive an automated email requesting your authorisation to transfer the domain name which you must respond to.
If you need any assistance with this, let us know, were here to help.
Once this is done your domain name will now be managed WESH UK and
we will bill you for it every 2 years with 1 extra year added to your domain.

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