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If you have received an email from our customer services system to tell you that your domain name is due to expire soon, dont panic, we will automatically attempt to renew the domain name for you on the day it is due to expire, using your stored credit card details that we have on file.

We will of course send you an invoice by email for this, 6 days in advance, which you are welcome to pay at anytime within the 6 days to ensure the domain name is renewed in good time.

You may also want to renew your domain name long before the 7 days arrive so to do this:

  • Login to our customer services client area
  • Click on "My domains"
  • Then click on "View details" for the domain name you want to renew
  • Scroll down and click on "Renew Domain"

.UK Domain names can be renewed anytime from 6 months prior to the expiry date, so please dont let your name expire, because if it does, you will then face redemption fee's to get it back after it has expired, on top of the renewal fee.

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