Over-usage and related charges

My cpanel says I have used more bandwidth than I have allocated?

This can happen if your website is having a flood of visitors that exceeds your allocated amount of bandwidth. Things that can cause this are;
  • Your website has been hacked.
  • Somebody is hot-linking to your images from elsewhere.
  • You have not upgraded your hosting plan to match your actual usage.
Although your website will NOT be suspended, cPanel servers do replaced it temporarily with a page stating that your site has exceeded its bandwidth limit, until you either upgrade the account for more bandwidth or the 1st of the following month is reached and your bandwidth is reset, all incoming requests for your website files, email usage and other normal activity will still count towards your bandwidth usage.

My cpanel says I have used more diskspace than I have allocated?

This can happen if your account has reached its maximum disk space allocation and:
  • keeps receiving more incoming emails
  • You have tried to unzip a big file on the server through cPanel when you didn't have enough free space to unzip the file.
If this happens, you will find that several things within your website will stop working, such as email access, FTP'ing of files, access to webmail, MySQL databases may not load properly, PHPMyAdmin wont work and website statistics will stop being saved.All that's needed is to upgrade your account for more space.

Do I get charged for using more space and/or bandwidth than my account has?

Yes. We have in place an automated system that will bill you for usage above your plans pre-set amounts. The charges are:

Bandwidth is billed at: £0.05p per megabyte used over your plans quota.
Disk space is billed at: £0.50p per megabyte used over your plans quota.

How do I avoid over usage charges?

Avoiding over-usage charges is incredibly easy, because when you are approaching your account limits, your cPanel account will email you, several times to let you know you are getting close to your limit. It will be a plain text email and will tell you what percentage of your disk space or bandwidth you have used and provide you with the exact amounts used vs your quota so there is no confusion.

If you receive these emails you should investigate if you have enough resources to last you until the end of the month, and if you don't, then its best to upgrade your plan to prevent problems and over-usage charges.

The worst thing you can do is to ignore these emails and do nothing. If you account is over its resource allocation at the end of the month, you will be billed the above rates for however much you have gone over.

Over-usage charges are non-refundable, and non-negotiable.

Word of advice:
If your account suddenly starts hitting higher usage than normal, its well worth carrying out an audit of your websites usage, using the stats in cPanel, and also checking to ensure your website files are all intact, and have not been tampered with, as its often a sign that something malicious is going on, if you have not had any recent advertising that would have introduced the increased usage.

We reserve the right to bill for over-usage any-time within 12 months of the over-usage. For example, we may discover that either a software bug has not billed for it, or your website may have been hacked after a mass amount of over-usage, suspended, and the account holder has not got in touch to find out why the account was suspended. (If suspended, we ALWAYS email you to tell you it was suspended immediately and expect to hear from you asap about it)
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