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Dear All

It has come to our attention recently that a company trading as "ISP Renewal Internet Services" are sending out domain name reminder emails to customers giving them links to click on to renew their domain names.

Please be aware that ISP Renewal Internet Services are NOT associated in any way shape or form with any other web host or domain name registrar.

The fee's they charge for renewals are in most cases, 800% higher than the fee's you normally pay to your existing domain name registrar.

Pay attention to section 5 & 6 of their terms and conditions:

5.Autorizations: When agreeing to these terms In accordance with application of a domain renewal service (a domain managed by the third party) you automatically and irrevocably authorize ISP to conduct negotiations and act on your behalf with any party needed in order to renew, transfer or register the domain name in question.

6. Obligation: When agreeing to these terms and conditions in accordance with application of a domain renewal service you automatically and irrevocably obligate your self to provide ISP with all the information necessary for ISP to successfully preform a renewal ( for instance login information or authorization codes). If you fail to do so no refund will be made and you take full liability and responsibility if ISP fails to successfully preform a renewal.

What this means is that, if you did pay them for your domain name renewal, you are actualy axpected to hand over to them all relevant information that they ask for in order to for them to become the legal registrar/account manager or possibly even owner of your own domain name when in fact no company in their right mind will deal with a third party claiming to be acting on behalf of a customer as the data protection act forbids this giving out/sharing/disclosing of any client info to third parties.

If you do receive any of these emails and are not sure what to do about it, please do call us and ask, or better still call trading standards and report this to them as it is illegal cold calling for sales by way of SPAM too.

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