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Leading up to the renewal of any domain name you have registered with us, we will email you notifications at set intervals to remind you that the domain name will shortly expire. We email you at 60 days, 30 days, 15 days, 7 days and 1 day before domain name expiry.

It is often wise to manually order a domain name renewal long in advance to avoid any problems at the registrar that might happen, or to allow plenty of time for your renewal to be processed, as leaving our own automated system to renew your domain name means that we will be relying on your own credit card payment to be successful on the day of renewal, so should your bank decide to decline your card payment, you are at risk of your domain name expiring.

.UK Domain name Renewals can not be attempted more than 6 months before the expiry date.

Once a domain name has expired, it enters what is called a redemption period where it can be still be renewed for up to 30 days, after which it then enters what's called a "Extended Redemption period" of between 30-60 days, during which time the domain name can still be renewed, but it incurs a redemption fee on top of the cost of its renewal, plus the cost of the domain name renewal, plus any late fee's from us if your invoice is overdue. Top level domains (.BIZ/.COM/.NET.ORG) incur an £250 redemption fee.

Once in the extended redemption period, (Mor ethan 30 days from expiry) all .tld names such as .com/.net/.biz etc will incur an £250 redemption fee. If there is any doubt at all or any questions on this, please ask us, but hopefully we have covered it all in the items above regarding domain name renewals.

If you renew your domain name LATE, then PLEASE check its WHOIS status within 1 hour to ensure it has renewed correctly, and if not, raise a support ticket with us immediately. We are NOT a domain registrar, and as such, we only pass on the costs and features of each domain name at almost no charge to you. It is up to you to renew your domain name on time, and check it has renewed correctly or contact us immediately if it has not.

If you do NOT want your domain name to be renewed, you can login to your "Client Area" and from the top navigation, go to "Domains > My domains" then click the "Manage domain" button for the doman name you want to change, and then simply select the "Auto renew" tab where you can now set your domain name to expire and we will not attempt any renewal, nor will we email you regarding its expiry.

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