Creating PHPinfo files

When you first setup your hosting account with you you will probably want to see whats available, and what settings your current server is using.

To get a list of the current settings and installed modules on your current server you can very easily create whats called a phpinfo file then upload this to your webs hosting account, anywhere within the public_html folder then simply view the file in your web browser.

So here's how you do it.

A) Open a simple text editor like notepad and enter the following:

<title>PHP Test</title>
<?php phpinfo(); ?>

B) Save the text document as "phpinfo.php"

C) Upload the document to your public_html folder

D) Using your web browser, go to yourfulldomainname/phpinfo.php (Replace "yourfulldomanname" with your actual web address)

That will load the file you have just created into your web browser and show you all of the php information about modules loaded, what settings each php module has and some apache settings too as well as version numbers so you can check for compatability.

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