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If your getting error messages relating to "Magic Quotes" when using or programming in PHP, or have installed an application from Fantastico Installer then you may experience some error's (You must reconfigure your php.ini file to have magic_quotes_gpc set to ON)

In order to rectify this you will need to visit the software suppliers website to find an updated version of the application you are trying to use, or re-write your PHP code not to rely on using magic quotes as it will bite you in the backside eventually.

Have a read of this which should enlighten you more on magic quotes:

As part of being an "ethical" hosting company we fully support and where possible encourage good coding as you will benefit more in the long run.

Sadly, not all software suppliers write good code or simply have not updated there applications yet but its always worth asking them...

All of our PHP5 web hosting servers have magic quotes turned off.

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