Changes to all hosting packages

  • 20th March 2008
In order to prepare for the upcoming changes we will be implementing in the next few weeks, we have now made the following changes to all of our web hosting services. Hosting package name changes.. Over the last 7 days we have been changing the names of all hosting packages so that they now start with SWH (Shared web hosting) and this change is ...
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New look website just launched

  • 12th March 2008
Dear all Today we launched our new web site as our old web site was just plain rubbish. I'll admit it, it sucked. So we got stuck in, round the clock to revamp the design, improve the navigation, and generally make it far easier for you to find your way around, and get the information you want and be able to access our help and support easier, ...
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Our new affiliate deals

  • 14th February 2008
Over the years many many customers like yourself have recommended us over and over again to many others, something that we have always been grateful for, and never taken for granted, so now we have officially made live our new affiliate deal. We know its not a huge amount, but if you activate your account affiliate status we will give you a ...
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Major Server Upgrades

  • 11th February 2008
Dear All This is to let you all know that starting from this Sunday 17th February we shall be starting work on the major upgrades of all of our servers as posted on December 13th PHP Apache major upgrades We will be contacting customers on a "per server" basis to let you all know exactly when your server will be upgraded and all current PHP4 ...
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