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Server reolcations for September 2009

Dear All This is to let you all know that on September 19th and 20th 2009 (Saturday and Sunday) and we shall be relocating all of our servers to new racks at a new data centre facility in Hemel Hempstead, owned and built by Gyron called the "Centro datacentre" The new facility has just recently been built and is of a slightly higher standard ... Read More

3rd Sept 2009

Server reboots - kernel upgrades

A flaw was recently found in the CentOS 4/5 Kernel that allowed local privilege escalation.

As a result of this we are updating all server operating systems immediately. An update was released yesterday so we have carried out the upgrades and the reboots needed for the changes to take effect start this evening 10pm 25/08/2009

25th Aug 2009

Critical contact updates

Dear All Please, READ THIS CAREFULLY because this is important because it contains blatent information that is NOT being read in any of the emails we send you, so this is an attempt to ask you all to please, read your emails. Not to read them carefully, but to actually, just read them. We want to point out several critical things that we hope ... Read More

5th Jul 2009

Telephone line problems

Dear All

It has come to our attention that since Friday 5th June, our telephone number is just ringing constantly when trying to call us yet at our end none of our phones are ringing at all.

We are aware of this and should have this resolved by Tuesday 9th June hopefully.

7th Jun 2009