Banned Scripts / Applications

Do we have any banned scripts?

Yes, for a number of reasons certain scripts and types of script are banned. The installation, hosting or use of any of the following scripts on our shared hosting packages is strictly prohibited for reasons related to server stability and security.

  • phpSitemapNG - Google sitemap creator
  • UltimateBBS / UBB -IkonBoard
  • All versions of YABB forum
  • CGI-Proxy, Anonymizer and all other Proxy scripts
  • IRC related scripts
  • Chat room applications / Live chat scripts
  • phpShell and all other command execution scripts
  • Webmail and eGallery modules of PHP-Nuke
  • 'Matts' FormMail.

Any accounts found using any of these scripts will be suspended WITHOUT warning or will have the script removed without warning. Simply not being aware of this is NOT acceptable as it is every client's responsibility to ensure they check our knowledgebase or ask questions if not sure.

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