Can I test your Web hosting without paying?

So, you want a no-risk trial to see if you like us, and see if we can all get along and host your website?

No problem. We offer you a no-risk trial, and if you dont like our hosting, dont like us, or your website doesnt work with out servers (VERY unlikely) then you wont pay a penny.

We do however need to ensure your not a spammer, scammer of fraudster, and the only way for us to do this is for you to place a real order, allowing us to verify your identity by way of credit/debit card payment.

Simply pay for and order your preferred web hosting account on an annual plan, and if within 30 days you decide its just not for you and/or things are not working out, then you can have a full refund of your annual fee (Excluding any domain name costs).

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