Custom suspended accounts page

With every cpanel server, they have a default account suspended page which will simply show "Account Suspended" and you may want to modify this to brand it to your own company or simply to change the message to something less blunt.

To do this is a very simple task and takes only a few minutes.

For NON-DNS-Clustered servers (Standalone servers)

Login to your web host manager and from the menu on the left scroll down to "Account functions" which is the section used for creating accounts, upgrading/downgrading etc and under this menu you will find a menu item called "Modify suspended account page".

Click on this and it will now open a window for you to paste in your own custom HTML/CSS code so that you can completely customise the look, style and message shown on the suspended page.

You can view your modified page at any time by simply adding "/" on to the end of your servers host name in any web browser, so that you dont need to suspended any accounts to check it.

For DNS-Clustered servers

If you have opted to rent a DNS clutered server from us, you will need to provide us with your custom HTML/CSS code that needs to be pasted into your suspended page and we shall take care of this for you. Alternatively, you could just paste in an instant redirect to a dedicated directory on your own website then create/modify your own suspended page from there.

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