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*This article assumes you are already logged into CPanel*

In Cpanel there is an icon labeled as Manage OpenPGP Keys. Click on it.
This page will show a list of public and private keys should there be any.

To add a new key:

Click on the link on the bottom of the page that reads as Add Key. Now, you will see several boxes labeled as:

Your Name
Key Password (blank for none)
Key Size

Fill out the first 2 boxes with your name and your email address.
In the 3rd box down enter any comments or nicknames you wish to add to the key.

In the 4th box, should you wish to add a password to the key (recommended in some cases) then enter it here. When entering your password you should use a combination of letters and numbers as to make it more secure.

In the 5th box down enter the date in which you wish for the key to expire. It could be any number of days, weeks or years. The default is 1y which translates into 1 year. You may modify this as you wish or leave it as is.

Lastly, in the drop down box choose the key size. The default is 1024 but you may make it larger if you wish.

After filling in all the required information click on the button labeled as Generate Key. This will take you to a new page telling you that your key has been created.

Importing an OpenPGP Key:

Should you wish to import a key, click on the link labeled as Import Key on the main OpenPGP page. This will take you to a new page with an empty box. Enter your key in this box and then click on the button labeled as Import.

This will take you to a new page telling you that the key has been imported. You may now start using the key on your domain.

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