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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear All

SMTP Authentication:
If you find that from today you are having problems sending outgoing emails, please, please read over our previous announcements as we have now enforced the SMTP Authentication after giving everybody a lot of notice and an extra 1 month to ask any questions or seek help with ticking the authentication box.

Hourly sending limits:
From today we have reset the outgoing email limit, per-hour, for every shared hosting plan, so if you do get any errors telling you that you have reached an outgoing per-hour limit, please do ask us and we will adjust it for you, for free, (Same day) and we have a new measure in place to ensure we can keep a record of your limit requirements and that you can see it anytime in your client area.

Available limits are 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 emails per-hour, and we will ask you to let us know what you will be sending if it is not obvious for us to see.
Along with increasing your outgoing sending limits, you will be agreeing to us also implement the planned introduction of blacklisting awareness and compensation, as detailed in the knowledgebase article.

These changes will affect only a small number of customers, but, it will ensure a far greater level of security along with far better awareness and accountability resulting in far less problems for all shared hosting customers.

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