Slight changes to cpanel

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Just a brief note to let you know that we have made a few slight changes to cpanel.

Change #1. Secure cPanel access over SSL only!

Your cPanel login will now be SSL connections only instead of unencrypted connections, which simply means "https" instead of just "http", and you will find that your web browser may warn you of an "untrusted connection", or a "certificate error" which is fine as this is due to your domain name not matching the self signed certificate of our servers.

Internet Explorer: You will see this:

There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

> Close this webpage
> Continue to this website

FireFox: You will see this:

"This Connection is Untrusted"

Click on "I understand the risks" as you are perfectly fine to continue to this website as it is your own cPanel you are logging into.
If you have any questions, or are not sure about the URL, then please do pickup the telephone, give us a call and ask.

You should only be asked this once, unless you empty your browsers entire cache of all stored info.

Change #2. Remote MySQL access

Remote MySQL access has been shut down right across the board. This is to comply with strict PCI compliance requirements, and also comes at a time when there has been a measured increase in the levels of malicious break-in attempts, so we are covering 2 bases with 1 change.

If you really absolutely must have remote access, you will need to provide us with your dedicated IP address assigned to you by your internet provider, and we will whitelist that IP for you.

Change #3. cPanel web disk

cPanel web disk has been de-activated. Nobody was using it anyway, so no big loss, but were letting you know in case you wonder why the icon has vanished. I does not meet any PCI compliance standards, so had to go.

On the up side, by remaining PCI complaint, you dont have to fork out a ton of cash for a dedicated server, and you can keep sleeping easy at night knowing we are beavering away to keep things secure, stable and FAST!

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