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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dear All

We're very sorry to disturb you all again with more news but we felt it was important to let you know about an adjustment to how we collect and manage feedback / reviews.

Up till now, customers have left various comments and reviews about us in a manner of different places all over the internet, and as testiment to us, it all seems to be nothing less than excellent, but we wanted to do something with this, manage it differently, and somehow offer even more, so, we did.

We have just recently now opened an account with a company called ratepoint who provide professional testimonials, customer reviews and dispute resolution services for us and our customers which will enable us to focus all customer feedback into 1 place, and introduce's a dispute resolution service guarantee for anybody unsure where to turn should we ever fail to live up to our promise.

In order to get this rolling, we would like to ask if you would spare a few moments to offer your honest and open feedback about us on the website?

See what reviews have already been written:

You can leave a review/testimonial about us here:

All feedback and reviews are immensely appreciated and taken seriously. If for ANY reason at all you feel that you would like to write anything other than an excellent review then please do talk to us first, we would like to know what we could do better and would appreciate the chance to adjust our service accordingly where possible.

Many thanks

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