PHP & MySQL Upgrades

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dear all

As posted in June 2012, and November 2012, we need to update all instances of PHP.
Please take this as final notice that we will be going ahead with this at the end of January 2013.

For servers running PHP v5.2, we will be upgrading to the latest version of PHP v5.3.21
For servers running PHP v5.3, we will simply be updating to the latest version of v5.3.21

All remaining servers that are still using MySQL v5.0 will be upgraded to MySQL v5.1.

Work will be carried out 1 server at a time, and email notifications will be sent out prior to the upgrade with a specific date/time, typically on a Friday Night to allow any corrections you need to make to be done during less busy times.

Again, these updates are non-reversible, so please let us know immediately if these will cause you problems. Simply saying "I didn't know" is unfortunately not optional.

Thank you :-)

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