5 Minute downtime

Thursday, February 23, 2012

In regards to the 5 minutes outage @ 11:30 this morning, we are still trying to identify the cause of this problem.

Please do bare with us, and as soon as we have more information, we shall post it here.

Please also make sure you are aware of our article here:

Thank you :-)


24/02/2012 Update

We have now had a full report in from the team at the datacentre to let us know that the outage suffered on the 23rd was caused by the planned decommissioning of networking equipment that handles incoming data to the datacentre. This planned work was not intended to cause any problems for anybody in this datacentre, but it seems things didnt go to plan, and resulted in a data outage from 11:27AM until 11:36 when we had to put into place our own work-around bringin our network back online again.

We have had assurances that this will not happen again and that measures have been put in place to ensure this cannot happen again.

We are sorry for the interruption caused and hope that by chasing it down and explaining what happened has helped :-)

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