Our new website

Monday, January 16, 2012

Good morning Britain :-)

Well, today we launch our newest website which we sincerely hope everybody will find easier on the eyes and easier to use and understand.

With our new website also comes some changes to our shared web hosting plans too.

Our shared web hosting plans have now been simplified dramatically into 1 hosting plan that you can multiply as many times as needed, cloud hosting has also been launched but is being finalised in our billing software for invoicing purposes and we plan to soon change reseller hosting into simplified slices too, making everything easy, simple to understand and pricing that makes for more generous services.

If you would like to switch over to the new plans BEFORE your current renewal date, then simply hit the like button on our facebook page, become a fan and let us know :-)

Non-facebook fans will be paying a higher price for the hosting than current facebook fans :-)

We also highly welcome any feedback on our website, and comments, suiggestions, ideas to improve it and make anything better, so if there is anything you dont like or would like to see then do tell us :-)

Thank you all for your loyalty in 2011 and we sincerely hope we can make 2012 far better for you..

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