Updates to proposed new Shared hosting

Friday, July 22, 2011

Update on our "proposed" shared web hosting plans.

Well, it seems that since our announcement earlier in the week, less than 1% of customers have come forward to provide any feedback, which is either a huge shame, or 99%+ are happy with the proposals.

Of the handful that did offer some feedback to tell us they were not happy about the removal of add-on domains, we did discover that most (Not all) are in fact reselling their shared plan to host websites for others too, which is unfortunate, because this goes against our terms and conditions, in that shared hosting is not a budget reseller plan.

Add-on domains!

What exactly are add-on domains intended for?

Well, add-on domains are intended ONLY for use by the primary account owner, and are not to be resold to host websites for anybody else, so for example:

  • A blogger writing about various topics via several different blogs.
  • Multi-language versions of the same website, using different domain names.
  • Various shopping carts using different store-fronts and sharing 1 database.

By charging your customers to host their websites within your shared plan, you are putting us in the postition of having to support up-to 11 different people for the same cost of 1, only it will be 1 person with potentially 11 times as much demand for help, and always seemingly urgent because its being resold for business, thus you will have customers pestering you.

So, if you are using our add-on domains to host websites for "clients" and charging them for the hosting, then you should expect us to ask you to remove the add-on domain immediately and host it on its own cpanel hosting account, or simply get a reseller account.

We shall be re-considering our proposed plans over the next 5 days or so, we are considering allowing 4 add-on domains, but in the meantime, we will have to go over every shared hosting plan and request removals of those found to be simply reselling parts of their shared plans to others.

If you are using add-on domains to host websites for your own clients, remove them immediately and setup a new cpanel hosting plan for them on there own, preferably before we have to ask you to do it, as we will start to charge administration time to your account if we have to enforce our terms & conditions on you.

Please also remember that sub.domains are totally unaffected by all of these changes.

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