Proposed new shared hosting plans

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dear All

Following our email yesterday regarding our proposed new shared hosting plans, here is further clarification of the shared plan structure.

Shared web hosting will be available in "Slices" where you can purchase as many slices as you need, with the price-per-slice being the same.

1 Shared slice comprises of:

10 Parked domains
10 MySQL Databases (To a maximum of 50)
10 POP3/IMAP mailboxes (To a maximum of 50)
Unlimited sub domains and FTP accounts.
250mb of disk space
2500mb monthly bandwidth (2.5GB)
Softalicious 200+ script auto-installer (Superior replacement for Fantastico)

1 Shared hosting slice will be at a lower cost of just £2.50 per-slice, per-month, and you can buy as many slices as you need up to a maximum of 24 slices on any shared hosting plan, giving a maximum of 6GB of space and 60GB of monthly bandwidth.

1 Fundamental change is with add-on domains. Our shared plans are proposed with no add-on domains, meaning 1 shared plan will be for 1 website only.

Part of this proposal is due to the number of problems and hiccups we have to deal with daily caused by customers trying to run various different applications within different websites, sharing the same hosting package and folder structure.

While we know this may be a pain, we really have tried so hard to educated, teach, demonstrate and help people use add-on domains, but we really do need to draw the line at some point, where we are spending so much time and effort on 1 feature that other things could start to get neglected, and with our shared hosting having far higher resource limits in CPU/Memory usage than any other shared host to-date, you will still benefit from the speed and reliability, yet save a lot of money in not being forced to upgrade to your own server as other hosts do with far lower usage limits.

Busy forums, no problem.
Big shopping carts, easy.
PCI compliance, included.

These are just some of the things, to name a few that many hosts would force you to take a dedicated server for, which we don't.


Customers on existing shared hosting plans will not be forced to switch over during their current paid-for-terms, so if you have paid for 12 months and want to stay on your current plan for its remainder, then that will be kept as-is, and at the end of the term you can then either switch over, alternatively, if you would like to switch over now, and save more money, then drop in to our facebook page and hit the "Like" button and drop a message onto our facebook page asking for a new slice upgrade :-)

Our facebook page can be found here:

If you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding this "proposed change" then we truly would love to hear from you.

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